Coffee with Caleffi™: How to Balance Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems

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Today’s commercial domestic hot water (DHW) systems are being designed to implement recirculation to conserve water and save energy.

In fact many local and state codes now require it. A key to successful DHW performance and delivery is proper system balancing. On Thursday, March 16 at 12 noon CDT, Jody Samuell, Manager of Engineer Education, and Kevin Freidt, Director of Product Management, join forces to examine the importance of balancing a DHW circuit and to discuss common types of balancing valves.

With over 20 years in the HVAC industry, Samuell’s experience and passion for teaching is sure to captivate and technically engage our audience. Freidt, the eyes and ears of our tech support team extraordinaire touts an additional 30+ years’ of experience in the commercial HVAC industry.

The one-hour educational webinars are free and are intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers. Please visit our website at for schedule details and registration.

CALEFFI – Creating innovative, superior performance products that help customers live comfortably and economically, while softening their impact on the environment. For more information, visit Caleffi’s Web site at, e-mail, or call (414) 238-2360. 


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