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How Much Should I Charge?

by Rohr, Ellen

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Are you pulling your selling prices out of thin air? Do you call your competitors and pretend to be a customer to find out how much they charge...and then charge the same thing? Get Real! How Much Should I Charge? Shows you how to price your services so you’ll make money-as much money as you want-on every job! Forget “what the market will bear!” To heck with the “going rate!” *Learn a super simple formula for creating a selling price. *Make sense of budgeting and sales forecasting. *Do what you love . . . and make lots of money! It’s easy, it’s fun . . . it’s basic accounting! Praise for How Much Should I Charge? I’ve just finished your book. Without a doubt, this was the best twenty bucks I’ve spent in years! The information is worth a fortune. I wish I had known some of this stuff five years ago, but like a lot of other contractors, I’ve learned the hard way.” –Jeff Swanson, Mr. Rooter of Western NC Ellen Rohr’s book is a must-read for anyone who is trying to make it in business today. She writes what could be a dry-as-dust subject and makes it fascinating and fun. The woman can write! My only complaint is that I wish she had written it sooner.” –Dan Holohan, Holohan & Associates


Publication date:
March 23, 2011

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