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The Water Heater Workbook: A Hands-On Guide to Water Heaters

by Weingarten, Larry and Suzanne

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The Water Heater Workbook was written to take the worry and much of the cost out of having hot water. People worry about how long their heater will last and what will happen when it leaks. The Workbook takes you through the process of understanding how a water heater works, how it can go wrong and just how to deal with risks or problems using easy to understand, non-technical language along with drawings to keep things clear. Experience has shown that with maintenance, water heaters can last 50+ years! That beats the 9-12 years we’ve come to expect. Chapters include: Anatomy of the Water Heater, Why Tanks Fail, Maintenance: Give Your Old Heater New Life, Saving Energy, Things to Consider in Water Heater Selection, Installing/Upgrading Your Water Heater, Troubleshooting, Commercial Water Heaters and an Appendix with Sources of Supply for Parts and Information.Whether you're a homeowner or a plumber, this book is for you!


Publication date:
March 20, 2019

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