Published: September 20, 2017 - by Gordon Schweizer

Categories: Steam

Many thanks to Gordon Schweizer of All Steamed Up, Inc. for sharing his knowledge and this video. You can subscribe to Gordon's YouTube channel here. He says:

Showing the process of rebuilding a Trane B-1 thermostatic radiator trap with integral seat and removable bellows from the 1920s.

Note: I made an error in calling out the B & J cage number needed for this particular trap! @ 2:38 I should have said 2854, not 8554!

Also, @ 4:08, I call out the trap in my hand as "integral seat, integral bellows", but as you can clearly see in the video, it actually has a removable seat!

Use that anti-seize. Make it easier for the next guy.

@ 0:30 The words are "kawai, desu" Japanese for "Isn't that cute!"