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This section is your guide to hot-water heating systems with information about system design and piping, air elimination, pumping away, primary-secondary pumping, valves, radiators, troubleshooting tips, and more.

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A Different Way to Pipe

I was raised by Bell & Gossett and gobbled up the writings of the late, great Gil Carlson for a lot of years. I learned about Monoflo systems and primary-secondary pumpin...

Published on 06/17/2014 3:22 PM
Posted in Hot-Water Heating
Not All Pipes Are Round

Some are square! I was in a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden when I first noticed the way the Europeans run their pipes. It was wicked cold outside and there was a panel radiat...

Published on 03/08/2011 12:21 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in Hot-Water Heating