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This section is your guide to hot-water heating systems with information about system design and piping, air elimination, pumping away, primary-secondary pumping, valves, radiators, troubleshooting tips, and more.

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Baseboard: How Much Is Too Much?

So this hefty gent comes up to me after a hot-water seminar and tells me about a problem he's having with this copper-fintube baseboard loop he installed in this big hall...

Published on 07/07/2018 2:35 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in Hot-Water Heating
The Roots of Radiant Heating Seminar

This seminar was filmed on June 5, 2018 as part of the Labor Lecture Series at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York. Radiant heating wit...

Published on 06/06/2018 1:28 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in Hot-Water Heating
copper leak
A Copper Mystery

We’ve lived in this little house in Bethpage, NY since 1977. Bethpage was once home to Grumman, which built fighter planes, canoes, campers, buses, and the Apollo Lunar M...

Published on 04/25/2018 11:13 AM by Dan Holohan
Posted in Hot-Water Heating
Three Hydronic Radiant Heating Myths

Myth #1: It’s bad for people with heart conditions Here’s what you’ll hear. “Your feet determine your body temperature, just like a thermostat. If the blood leaves your b...

Published on 01/29/2018 10:14 AM by Dan Holohan
Posted in Hot-Water Heating
Commercial Domestic Hot Water

My company does not do a lot of commercial work but one specialty niche we have is servicing the boilers and mechanical systems in the turn of the century apartment build...

Published on 12/07/2017 1:23 PM by Dan Foley
Posted in Hot-Water Heating